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Hey everyone, this is stat mastermind and MLB/NFL expert Josh Kolojeski from your favorite radio show, Chatterbox Sports Talk. When I’m not making my wacky predictions on-air, I often find myself pondering about sports the entire day. With the introduction of the new Chatterbox Show page, I figured I may as well share the thoughts that I can’t get out in the open on-air (mostly because I don’t have an official microphone) on the show page. I’ll try to post something every day if I have the time so the greatest fans can know what’s on the mind of the greatest sport’s mind. I’ll be the Official Unofficial MLB/NFL contributor to Chatterbox Sports Talk and mix up the posts throughout the week. Here’s a basic rundown of what I’m thinking:

Sundays: MLB Weekly Recap

Mondays: Vikings Thoughts

Tuesdays: Twins Thoughts

Wednesdays: Sabermetric Day (I explore some sort of stat that has stood out to me through statistical analysis)

Thursdays: Why I’m Wacky (Explanations of whatever wacky prediction I made on Chatterbox)

Fridays: NFL of MLB History Related to Current NFL of MLB Events

Saturdays: NFL Week Predictions

Obviously I won’t be able to write EVERY day. But I’ll try for all of you fans!

Hope you all enjoy!

–Josh Kolojeski