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My dear friend, Peter, wrote this poem last semester. I hope that it encourages you. ๐Ÿ™‚

The Radiant

Oh, the tremors I feel travelling

through my heart and mind and soul!
The tide of sounds and pulses beyond my sight
shake the very foundations of the world
God must be a lover
for with blue sky, this earth to cover,
spinning top-like stars on high.
That I, mere man, may walk
may run, drive, dive, climb, fly, fall, and
stop in amazement at the wonders of the LORD!
Deep places are like quiet sanctuaries
where leviathans shall praise you
where the blind fish wander
where the ships of man and man himself
sinks to in reverent submission
to the might of the Lord Almighty!
Everywhere is He!
How can my dust withstand?
How can I endure?
I shudder with unfettered glee
as I run with perseverance
straining to win, racing myself
faster and faster around the earth
I rejoice that I am perilously hurtling towards eternity
How can my sins keep up with me,
when they have been chained to the past?
Great is the LORD! Great is the LORD!
He is vibrant and brilliant
I am awash in his lovliness
I drown within his security
I gladly abandon my body
my heart, mind, and soul
for what need of them have I?
I am the match struck once
held up to the roaring sun; burning star
What darkness dare oppose us?
O Satan, how could you destroy this?
What can you do to me
but what is allowed by God
And then why should I complain?
If you reduce me like Job,
God has allowed it.
Great is the LORD!
His love endures forever!
Mountains, crash around me
Ocean, swallow me up
Sky, fall upon me
Earth, destroy me if you can!
I am the LORD’s beloved, betrothed
and He will always come to my rescue!
He is a mighty warrior – THE LORD is His name!
TREMBLE, all darkness, all foes,
He rises up to crush his enemies.
I am radiant because of him.
I had nothing but my sin to offer
and he claimed me anyways!
What ruthless love does drive him!
In tortured agony he bled to death
but what death could stop Love?
Sin destroyed, the bride is free,
snapped chains swing sadly
dear slaves, rejoice!
the bride is free.