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The Station


The Remnant was launched in 1981 as WVOE (the Voice Of the Eagles), Northwestern College’s student radio station. Since then we’ve moved buildings and changed names, but we’re still “the little station that could”. In 2003 the Mel Johnson Media Center opened, and WVOE moved from the basement of Nazareth Hall into the new building, where the studios had windows! The last 10 years have seen many changes at the station, including slightly-less-pale radio students thanks to the increased exposure to daylight. The biggest change, however, was that in 2013 The Remnant began broadcasting on 88.1 out of Newport, MN. This new opportunity is barely beginning and we’re excited to see where it takes us.

Why We Do What We Do

The Remnant exists to give students at University of Northwestern – St. Paul hands-on experience in being part of a radio station. Students create and host shows, plan events, and keep everything running. The Remnant is where UNW’s radio students put the things they’ve been learning to use, moving from theory to practice and improving their skills and knowledge in the process.

Beyond simply learning our craft, however, at the heart of everything we do at the station is the hope we have in Jesus Christ. We want to share that truth with others. We’re definitely not always perfect, but we’re constantly looking to the One who is.