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Meet Olivia Pavilish who was a fellow UNW Eagle! She graduated from UNW in December 2019 and still works in the Twin Cities. She majored in Communication Studies with a minor in Public Relations. 

Olivia has a different story than most Northwestern students. Before she came to Northwestern, she attended the Free Lutheran Bible College, a two-year college dedicated to the study of God’s Word. Studying God’s Word every day changes your relationship with God. It grows you, not only spiritually but it matures you also. Olivia grew so much at FLBC and she wanted to continue to grow at a like-minded school; therefore, she chose to go to the UNW. 

Since Olivia did PSEO in high school, plus the added benefit that all her Bible College credits transferred, she only had three semesters left. Olivia was always blessed to have teachers who care about her. From high school to community college, she had a great relationship with all her professors, who continually wanted to help her grow. However, Olivia says that Northwestern was different:

“Not only did they care about my work and school growth, which they did, but they cared about my spiritual growth as well.”

There was one professor that Olivia specifically connected with. This professor would intentionally ask her, if she showed up a little early to class, “How are you doing?” and did not want a mediocre “good,” but a genuine answer. The Communications department here at Northwestern really strives to prepare you not just for a job, but for a life that is glorifying to God. 

Olivia with students at FLBC.

Olivia now works at, of all the places, FLBC! It was just one full circle, but God is working in her life there more than ever. Her role there is communications assistant, which means she comes alongside internal departments and helps them communicate externally. This might include tasks such as creating a graphic to promote something on social media or taking photos at an event. Olivia does more than just communicate externally for her job; she is also a Dorm Assistant for FLBC. This is an intentional discipleship program, where she leads and mentors her group of 13 girls through their time at the two year Bible College.

UNW prepared Olivia to go out and glorify God with the work that she does no matter where she goes. She desires to be intentional with the girls that have been placed in her life, which she learned through the intentionality she has witnessed from her professors and friends. Through internships at Northwestern, she learned that non-profit Christian ministries was where God was calling her. The way the classes were taught at UNW, all for the glory of God, is now what Olivia strives to do as an employee at FLBC.

“There is always more to learn. I try to teach myself something new every day. Watching YouTube videos or having practice writing. You are always growing, and you should always strive to grow.”