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The Figure(d) It Out podcast answers questions young adults are asking.

Natasha Chernyavsky and Emma Erickson ready to record their 100th episode. Picture by Katiana Bennett

Are you a young adult trying to figure out life? Or just passionate about coffee? Then search no more. The “Figure(d) It Out” podcast is geared toward young adults looking for life’s answers. The “Figure(d) It Out” podcast provides weekly advice and answers to your questions. 

“Figure(d) It Out” is a refreshing podcast to listen to. It addresses a variety of topics from light-hearted subjects to deeper questions young adults are struggling to figure out. Natasha and Emma provide optimistic solutions to topics which leave the listener encouraged. 

Natasha and Emma created a basement studio space in their home where they bring their podcast to life. When initially launching the podcast, Natasha and Emma’s goal was to record 12 episodes. Over the past year, they have recorded 100! The hosts celebrated their 100th episode with a live recording. Featured on the recording were five participants who shared various hot takes with the crowd.

Natasha Chernyavsky and Emma Erickson. Photo by Katiana Bennett

Natasha and Emma are Communication majors who graduated from the University of Northwestern – St. Paul (UNWSP) in 2020. Together they started “Figure(d) It Out,” which answers young adults questions about life. They incorporate the real-life experience of guest speakers into their episodes to provide informed experiences. 

The podcast began in the Winter 2021. Natasha and Emma have combined their communication skills and passion for people into their podcast. Whether you figured it out or are figuring it out, this is a must-listen-to podcast.