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St. Louis native rapper, Thi’sl delivers with a driving, spirit-filled, “turn-it-up-to-eleven” thumper called By Your Power. Fellow rapper Hulvey joins in the fun, on a song that draws heavily from Zechariah 4:6 that you can’t do life on your own might or strength, but only through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Thi’sl knows some difficult times. He grew up fatherless in a rough West St. Louis neighborhood, kicked out school, and led a drug-focused life in the streets. BUT GOD, being rich in mercy, made his life new. At that’s when he began writing songs/raps centered on the beauty of Christ. It is only through His power and grace that we are called out of darkness into marvelous light.

Even when Thi’sl was the victim of an attempted robbery and shot in the leg while visiting Washington DC four years ago, Thi’sl continues to show the strength of the Lord in his music. By Your Power draws elements from Thi’sl’s past and how the Holy Spirit brings hope. The song reminds us that no mater how hard your days become or it seems that God is nowhere to be found, it is God who carries you through. God is never any less true. God is the only thing worth trusting because his love for us is never-ending. (Also be listening for Thi’sl other new song on the MEL. It’s an amazing stone-cold groove about looking yourself in the eyes and asking God how is it between us? It’s a song about waking up.

Other great songs topping theMEL this week feature Latham Warlick, Wande, Peabod, Ben Rector, Mat Kearny, Yam Haus, Sara Groves, Crowder, Hulvey Taylor Leonhard,t and Da T.R.U.T.H. Check it out!

1Thi’slBy Your Power
2NEEDTOBREATHECarry Me (feat. John Foreman)
3Latham WarlickGotta Be God (feat. Russell Dickerson+
5CrowderHigher Power w/Hulvey
6Apollo LTDSunday Morning Feeling
7SwitchBetter View
8Yam HausGive Me The Keys
9116, & LecraeLa Fiesta (Remix)
10The Arcadian WildFall:War
11Sara GrovesLoving a Person
12Matthew ParkerRoses
13WandeDon’t Worry Bout It
14Taylor LeonhardtHappy or Whatever
15HulveyCame For Me w/Antoine Br
16Kurtis HoppieRooftops
17JudahHe Is Good
19Ben RectorSupernatural (with Dave
20Mat KearneySave Me
21Holly StarDaylight
22Ross KingBuild the House
23Da T.R.U.T.H.NEVER FAIL REMIX (feat. Greg Cox)
24Toby MacPromised Land (feat. Sheryl Crow
25Matthew ParkerSignal
26Sarah ReevesYears
27PeabodFavorite Part
28Riley ClemonsHeadspace
29Mat KearneyOdds
31Spencer KaneI Like That
32Chris HowlandKeep Me (Remix)
33Royce LovettKeep Moving
34Edison GlassY Were U Hiding?
35Ellie HolcombColor
36Thi’slStrange Things
37Latham WarlickWay Out Here
38LovknGreater Is He
39TerrianWake Up
40LecraeWildin w/ 1K Phew
41LeonBelieve In Me
42Twenty One PilotsFormidable
43The Arcadian WildWinter: Will
44Drew Holcomb & the NeighborsWithout A Light
45SVRCINA (Sur-Cee-Nah)Cycles
46Judah & the LionFind Another Reason Why
47Jonathan TraylorHope
48ohsobrknLightning Fast
49Trip LeeSupernatural
50Yam HausBody Goes
51Half * AliveCreature
52Latham WarlickMy Way w/ Tyler Hubbard
53CrowderSweet Jesus
54nobigdyl.What A Day
55Judahi love you w/Dante Bowe
56HulveyCrack The Tomb
57FuturesHills & Horizons
58TedashiiLights In the City
59Sara Groves (Local)Remains of the Day
60Taylor LeonhardtThe Bridge
61Half-AliveWhat’s Wrong
62Andrew BelleMy Poor Heart
63Sara Groves (Local)Nothing
64AdelaideWhat Really Matters
65Phil JPassion
66for King and Country ft. EchosmithRelate
67Dante BoweJoyful
69Jon ForemanA Place Called Earth (w/ Lauren Daigle)
70Mike DoneheyAll Together
71Sarah ReevesAnother Love Song w/Rigg Remix
72Apollo LTDBetter
73HulveyCold Nights
74Royce LovettEveryday Problems
75Lundi, WandeFaithful
76Judah & the LionHelp Me To Feel Again
77Josh GarrelsHis Wings
78SwitchfootI Need You (To Be Wrong)
80Gray HavensIt’s Possible
81NFJust Like You
82Sarah ReevesNot My Style (R3HAB remix)
83Sandra McCrackenOne
84Royce LovettOut Of My Head
86Evan CraftReborn
87Yam HausSir Duke
88Zoe MusicSomebody
89Tina BoonstraTalk It Over
90JudahThe Getting Through
91Angie Rose, LimoblazeUnstoppable (Do It Again)
92Yam HausWhatever It Is
93Social Club Misfits, Riley ClemonsWithout You – Abe Parker Remix
94Jonathan TraylorYou Get The Glory
95All Creatureswonder working
96Colony HouseAutomatic
97Dante BoweBe Alright
98The ColorCall Of The Wild  (Neon Feather Remix)
99Evan CraftDesesperado
100Apollo LTDGood Day (w/ Social Club Misfits)