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We all know that college can be a bit overwhelming sometimes, especially when trying to balance both your schoolwork and social life. When life just gets a bit overwhelming sometimes you can’t help but cry. On a college campus it is hard to find a place where you can do this in private, unless you want to cry in public (I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t want to). If you are struggling to find a great place to cry, then you are in the right place because we have a list of perfect secluded sports where it can be just you.

#1 If you’re lucky enough to have a car on campus, bundle up, run the heat and enjoy some peace. Make it fun by taking a drive after getting your emotions out! Blast the music and explore some new sights to take your mind off your college cares.

#2 If you’re someone who likes to eat your emotions, then your dorm room could be great place to cry, especially if your roommates are not in your room. You can stay in the comfort of your bed and wallow in your crumbs and sorrow.

#3 The reservable rooms at the Bernsten Library offer students the perfect location to release pent up emotions. Library rooms are a safe place where you can cry interruption free! There is no fear of a roommate walking in or of being seen crying in public. This location also offers the opportunity to multitask. Students can come to study in a quiet room that provides everything a successful student needs, and while studying, their tears can fall unceasingly.

#4 If you enjoy the outdoors and love to go on walks while you cry your heart out, then the island and the trails around it are perfect for you. These spots are secluded, and you can enjoy the beautiful views of the lake while you are sad. The brisk breeze will freeze your tears so no one will know you’ve cried.

#5 There are many prayer rooms accessible to Northwestern students in the Stud! One is open 24/7, and the others are by appointment only. You can spend an unlimited amount of time in these private, comfortable rooms so be sure to utilize them as needed! Reconnect with the Lord as you pour out your heart and emotions. Remember, Jesus wept too!