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Have you ever been looking for a good study spot but have no idea where to start? Then we have just the information for you…down below we have 5 study spots for all different types of people! Just take your pick and you will be set up for studying success.

#1 Grab your favorite drink or snack and head to the third floor of Berntsen library for a quiet study session. while on the third floor you can work in the silent zone which promotes hard work. This space is great for study breaks as well, because you can take your eyes away from the screen and look out the window to admire the beautiful fall colors.

#2This study room is tucked away in the Robertson Student Center (stud) and offers students an ideal location for homework. Secluded from the main room, studying here provides an ideal location to study undisturbed. A wall of windows allows students to view the changing seasons and relax while under pressure.

#3This space in the cafe is right inside the billy where you can study with moderate noise and conversation. While having a study session you can take a break to grab a coffee, pastry, or ice cream when you need a pick me up. This study space has great amenities within a few steps.

#4This study space is located in the Robertson Student center also referred to as “the stud”. While studying here you can expect friendly conversations and people popping in and out.

#5The Billy Graham building offers students options for where to study. This space is great for group project meetings or studying with friends. It’s also great for students who like to multi-task. Conveniently located next to the cafeteria, students can eat and study in one spot!