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Sometimes the best thing you can do is just be there for a friend who is going through something hard. This week’s top song, “Automatic” by Colony House, featuring Fleurie, reminds listeners that we don’t know what could be going on in a friend’s life. 

“I’m wide-awake, 1AM
Twisted sheets on an empty bed
Footprints mark carpet floors
Chasing shadows out the door
If I could take back what I said
I’d do it a thousand times over again.”

And while we may not be sure of how exactly to help them, Colony House reminds us that 

“You don’t have to try to fix me

You do it automatic

You do it automatic.”

We don’t have to solve their problems, but by being there for them, we can be an encouragement and a blessing. This is a great reminder of the power of a good friend. 

Check out this song and more in the list of the top 98.5 songs on the MEL this week! 

1Colony HouseAutomatic
2Marcus RogersDrippin’
3Danny GokeyDo For Love w/Angie Rose
4BlancaEven At My Worst
5Tori HarperHorizon (Neon Feather Mix)
6TedashiiLights In the City
7for King and Country ft. EchosmithRelate
8Phil JSpotlight
9Angie Rose, LimoblazeUnstoppable (Do It Again)
10CrowderSweet Jesus
11Dante BoweJoyful
12Courtnie RamirezLife is Good
13Colony HouseLights On
14Phil JPassion
15Yam HausSir Duke
17Ellie Holcomb, Bear RinehartSweet Ever After
18Marcus RogersChild of the King
19Social Club MisfitsConmigo
20CrowderHigher Power w/Hulvey
21Apollo LTDSunday Morning Feeling
22Zoe MusicBe Okay
23Advent BirminghamUp from My Youth
24Apollo LTDBetter
25Marcus RogersSing Glory
26Judah & the LionHelp Me To Feel Again
27SVRCINA (Sur-Cee-Nah)Unstable
28Jonathan TraylorYou Get The Glory
29Neon FeatherYou Show Me Love-
30Sandra McCrackenOne32
31CrowderHe Is
32Mat KearneyI Don’t Really Care
33Ross KingBuild the House
34Shawn KirchnerI’ll Be On My Way
35116Never Give Up
38Thi’sl (Feat. Hulvey)By Your Power
39NEEDTOBREATHECarry Me (feat. John Foreman)
40Travis GreeneClose the Door
41Ellie HolcombColor
42Skrillex, Justin Beiber, Don ToliverDon’t Go
43Andrew RippEvergreen
44Royce LovettKeep Moving
45116, Alex Zurdo, Redimi2, Lecrae & FunkyLa Fiesta (Remix)
46Mat KearneyOdds
47Common Hymnal & Sharon IrvingOur Psalm 23
49Matthew Parker, HoosekiToday Is The Day
50ROY3LSWho Cares
51Marcus RogersYahweh
52All Creatureswonder working
53Sarah ReevesAnother Love Song w/Rigg Remix
54SwitchBetter View
55Reece LacheDown Too Long
56Apollo LTDHeart Believes
57Andy MineoIt Could Be Worse
58Phil JJOY
60Ellie HolcombStronger
61Tauren WellsUntil Grace
62Sarah ReevesYears
63Jason Gray (Local)Bring It All
64JudahHallelujah’s Song (Psalm 103)
65Kanye WestHurricane
66Derek MinorNever Stop
67Trip LeeYou Got It
68Spencer KaneI Like That
69J-NibbAll God
70Mike DoneheyAll Together
71Spencer KaneTIDAL WAVE
72Yam HausWhatever It Is
73Mat KearneyAnywhere With You
74Lundi, WandeFaithful
75Ellie HolcombI Don’t Want to Miss It
76NEEDTOBREATHEI Wanna Remember (w/ Carrie Underwood)
77Wilder WoodsLong Night Coming
78Sarah ReevesNot My Style (R3HAB remix)
79Colony HouseO YA
80nobigdyl, Mogli the Iceberg, Indie TribeOutside
81Twenty One PilotsSaturday
82JudahThe Getting Through
83Tori KellyUnbothered
84Gabe Price and Friends, Kristene DimarcoYou Are My Country
85Jon ForemanA Place Called Earth (w/ Lauren Daigle)
86Bridge WorshipAttention
87The ColorCall Of The Wild  (Neon Feather Remix)
88HulveyCan’t Tell It All
89Twenty One PilotsChoker
90NFCloudsNF Real Music
91MiroursColorful Love
92Royce LovettEveryday Problems
93Drew & Ellie HolcombFeels Like Home
94HulveyHeaven Up Above
95Toby MacHelp Is On The Way (Maybe Midnight)
96Andrew RippHelpless Without You
97Aha GazelleHero
98The BrillianceHurricane
99Drew Holcomb & the NeighborsI Need To Go Somewhere
100Gray HavensIt’s Possible