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Article By: Sam Jorgenson

As we enter into spring, many of us find ourselves getting back into the swing of traveling and gearing up for new adventures to come. Planning trips, however, can be a lengthy pursuit and knowing where to start may be a daunting task! Seeking help in pinning down a good starting point, I interviewed a peer of mine, Emily Ford, who travels often to see her favorite band—Yamhouse—live in concert.

Emily Ford with the band Yamhouse

Ford emphasized the importance of confirming all aspects of the trip before making any large-scale purchases. “Make sure everything and everyone is confirmed before anything is bought or purchased,” she advised. This sentiment underscores the significance of thorough planning. Before making any financial commitments, ensuring the destination and participants are determined will be the first step. While budgeting exists as a critical aspect of trip planning, making sure all bases are covered is necessary if the trip includes multiple individuals.

Another important aspect of trip planning includes accounting for all the time involved. Aside from the average time needed for arrival, travelers will also need to account for arriving at places that require strict time adherence. This could mean incorporating some sort of scheduled itinerary into a travel plan with specific times.

Of course, even with planning way in advance and offering extra plush time, travelers can still run into challenges on the road, especially if a larger group of people is involved. Balancing scheduled pick-ups and drop-off times adds another level of planning that travelers will need to account for by working together to ensure they coordinate everything. Ford spoke briefly about a trip she took that included five people, all of whom lived in separate areas. “You still want to have fun and have the best trip, but getting those details right is important.”

Any traveler, whether seasoned or new, should keep these things in mind. Above all, ensure you occupy your time doing things that are enjoyable for everyone involved.