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It’s almost the end of the semester, and that means that the UNW dance team is getting ready for their last performance of the year! The team will be dancing at the men and women’s basketball games during halftime on Friday, December 9. Their new high-energy pom routine is sure to draw the attention of the crowd and bring school spirit to the halftime.

Photo by @emmaleeobergphotography

Created in 2017, the dance team continues to go strong as each year new dancers join the team. The team typically practices twice a week and then showcases their dances at campus wide events such as football games and basketball games. Pom, kick line and jazz routines are the usual styles the group performs.

The purpose of the dance team is to create a community of dancers on campus to worship God through dance. This provides members of the club the ability to fellowship together, create friendships, express themselves creatively and experience being part of a team.

Opportunities to join the club are at the start of every fall and spring. The dance team has a table at the club fair at the beginning of both semesters so if you are interested, stop by!

Photo by @emmaleeobergphotography