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The UNW campus newspaper has returned for the first time since the COVID pandemic forced its closure over four years ago. The publication arrives in magazine form and features a brand new name: The UNW Cornerstone. The completely student-driven, student-led revival of the UNW Cornerstone (formerly the UNW Examiner) was made possible through generous support from your UNW Student Government and (aka the Communication Department).

Special thanks and congratulations to Morgan WieboldLydia Carlson and Nathan Gale for leading the charge to bring it back. The new issue showcases a variety of student stories related to community life together at UNW. Pick up your copy today and read what students are thinking and saying. You can also follow us at and @themelmedia or listen at

The next issue of the UNW Cornerstone won’t be until fall semester, so If you’re interested in writing or contributing, connect with us.

Here’s a link for a digital copy!