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Featuring small businesses owned by students, alumni, and staff of the University of Northwestern – St. Paul


BryngThatBigCraft is a small jewelry and accessories business, started in December 2020 by interdisciplinary studies student Brynn Carmichael (’24).

Brynn wanted another outlet for her creativity, so she took this opportunity to do that while also funding her education.

Brynn Carmichael

She had a really special moment in her business journey.

My largest order was for a girl that reached out and asked if I could make 6 identical orange and white bracelets. She wanted them for her family because the dad was diagnosed with kidney cancer and they all wanted to show their support with the awareness colors. I felt so honored that she would want my bracelets to represent something so significant to their family. I ended up giving her half off her order.

Some of Brynn’s bracelets

Being at UNW has really encouraged her to get outside my comfort zone and use her creative skills in unique ways.

Brynn’s newest keychains

You can find Brynn and BryngThatBigCraft on Instagram or Etsy

Brynn’s cover art from Etsy

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