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6 million+ views so far and climbing.

Article by Sophia Wahl

No final exam for the student who collects the most views for a TikTok branding UNW: That was the challenge last semester for students in PR Principles and Social Media Strategies.  This opportunity intrigued Noelle Rogers, a Public Relations major in her sophomore year.  As it turns out, Rogers’ confidence was not misplaced! Her TikToks scored big, with the most successful being the one she submitted as a “last push” just two days before the due date. And so, this happened:


⚠️HELP⚠️ #final #help #views

♬ Coconut Mall (From “Mario Kart Wii”) – Arcade Player

Her TikTok begins with a plea to viewers and a description of the situation. With her audience’s attention grasped, Rogers entertains them with the amusing display of wearing as many shirts as she can at once – several shirts sporting UNW logos. Within those two days, Rogers gained 10,000 followers and 4 million views!

The video continues to garner attention – surpassing 6 million views – and even generated a special comment. Though more of a Coke® products fan, Rogers was ecstatic to see that the official Pepsi® TikTok account left a comment on her video. “I was so excited. I showed everyone I knew!” says Rogers.

Though freedom from the final was a relief, the exercise proved a positive experience that has served Rogers well. Her viral victory certainly reflects the information she learned, the power of creativity, and the impact of outreach on social media.