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In the basement of the Mel Johnson building, Scott Krueger revisits a class of students not unlike himself a year ago. In conversation, he authentically shares what he’s learned as a fresh-out-of-college graduate from the media production major.

What is a Media Production Major?

The Media Production Major is designed to prepare you for a career in media such as radio, television, journalism, and film through audio and video production, visual storytelling, writing, editing, producing, and on-air performance. This is also available as a minor. Visit for more information.

“Be relentless in putting yourself out there” advises Krueger. Considering he’s already the owner of TreeTop Media, a production business he started while still in college as a junior, his advice must be good! He’s also had the privilege of working for clients such as Eric Perkins, former sports broadcaster on KARE 11 News. He attributes the ability to do these impressive tasks to the hands-on education he received from his major and the workshops offered as well.

At first, he wasn’t really considering going to the University of Northwestern St. Paul, but after taking PSEO classes and getting a taste of the communication department, along with the care that each professor brings for their students, Krueger was convinced that UNW was the place for him to continue cultivating his skills as a visual storyteller. He’s learned that he can combine his faith and business by being committed and working without shortcuts so clients can see a difference in him.

Stories like Krueger’s remind us that our passions can be profitable. So start creating. Start planning. Your passions are yours for a reason. Trust that the Lord will use them.