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Article by Sara Rodriguez-Gaines

With the end of the semester right around the corner, what better place to take a break from studying for finals and or catching up with friends than a local restaurant or cafe here in the Twin Cities? There are numerous wonderful local spots to check out right here in Saint Paul and other neighboring cities. The Twin Cities is a fantastic place to discover new dining options, flavors, aromas, and recipes. Recently, Northwestern students were asked what their favorite restaurant and or cafe spots are. Nonetheless, these are the places you should check out during the last few weeks of school.

Restaurants & Cafes La Tapatia

La Tapatia is a local family-owned Mexican Street Food restaurant that was founded by Martha Ponce, who was inspired to bring authentic Mexican flavors and culture to the Roseville area. The menu consists of offerings such as tacos, burritos, and so much more. Prices range from ten to twenty dollars per person. In regards to location, La Tapatia is located a whopping four minutes away from campus. I highly recommend this restaurant and be sure to order their freshly made chips and salsas too!

Tacos from LaTapatia


Mi-Sant’s brown sugar milk bubble tea

Mi-Sant is a local family-owned Vietnamese cafe and bakery. Walking into the cafe you will be welcomed by the warm and mouthwatering aromas of the freshly made bakery delights and drinks. Mi-Sant not only offers special drinks such as Vietnamese Coffee, and bubble tea but also a wide range of food offerings such as their famous Banh Mi sandwiches, spring rolls, and sides. However, the food is not the only reason why you should visit this cafe. Mi-Sant also has a cute sunroom that is perfect for studying and or basking in the sun.

Once you have checked out both La Tapatia and Mi-Sant make sure to visit Groundswell Cafe located in Saint Paul which has a variety of wonderful coffee, tea, and bakery goodies to discover. Thirty-Six Cafe is famous for its souffle pancakes which have been featured in the Minnesota Monthly and Star Tribune. Last but not least, Cafe Astoria is a cozy coffee shop known for its creative and ambrosial drinks. Make sure to check out these amazing places before the school ends and or continue to explore all the great cuisine that the Twin Cities has to offer!