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#1 – “Ring by Spring” 

Seniors make their last-ditch efforts to secure their ring by spring before graduating in May. Instagram feeds flood with new proposals each week as spring draws near.

#2 – Watching friends get their rings by spring

Those who don’t participate in “ring by spring” likely know those who do. Single seniors join in on all of the wedding planning fun by helping their friends plan weddings without having to pay for their own.

“All three of my roommates are engaged and planning weddings,” says senior Kiera Brown, “I’m single with no intention of getting married soon, but I have so much wedding planning experience already.”

#3 – Leaching off freshmen for their dining funds

Seniors barely getting by with their commuter meal plan track down unsuspecting freshmen to utilize their dining funds. Freshmen look cool eating lunch with seniors, while seniors get free lunch – it’s a win-win!

#4 – Planning their wedding during class

Engaged seniors make the most of their class time by multi-tasking and planning their weddings. Students eliminate boredom and stress by crossing things off their wedding to-do list.

“Systematic Theology is the perfect wedding planning class,” says senior environmental science and business major, Samantha Kothari. 

#5 – Learning how to cook

After living off Billy food and ramen noodles, seniors take this last semester to learn to cook for themselves. Seniors finally use those cookbooks they received for high school graduation presents as they learn the art of cooking and prep to feed their future husbands.