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For many students, sports play a large role in their identity and priorities. When something happens to hinder an athlete’s ability to participate, it can be difficult to understand and come to terms with. Yet, some people come back from an upset like that even better than before.  

Take Joey McMillin, for instance. The center midfielder and captain for the University of Northwestern — St. Paul’s men’s soccer team, faced some big challenges last season. Toward the end of McMillin’s sophomore season, he suffered a concussion sidelining him from a handful of games.  


UNW looking to score in the first half of their game last week. Photo credit: Kolby Kestel

Even though this threw the team a curveball, he recalls that because of his absence in the games, “it was cool to see leadership emerge among the team.” He made a point to attend games and practices to show support for the team.

McMillin has been back for the full 2023 season and relishes the opportunity to be captain once again along with his co-captains, Tim DeLoye and JT Olsen. As the season slows down and comes to an end, McMillin expresses his gratitude for even getting to play the sport. His injury revealed to him how much he loves the sport and being a part of the UNW team.

Come on out to support the men’s soccer team as they wrap up their season and championship games.