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Northwestern’s fave celeb chef Karyn Tomlinson (’07) has been very busy despite a covid delay to her highly anticipated Twin Cities restaurant named Myriel. She is featured in two new short video projects.

The first features Karyn in a 30-minute documentary directed by Academy Award Winner Rayka Zehtabchi. The film is called A Woman’s Place and it reveals the rough circumstances women face in the restaurant world. This beautiful story of perseverance and determination is currently airing on HULU.

The second video piece is significantly more breezy and aired this week on TPT 2. twin cities cooking show Relish. Karyn joins fellow chef/host Yia Vang and demonstrates how to make her Grandma’s killer pot roast. Not only does it look delicious, but it is surprisingly easy to make!

Look for Karyn restuarant to open soon. Really looking forward to that. She says her new restaurant is inspired by the character of Bishop Myriel in Victor Hugo’s book Les Miserables and the way he impacts the course of the story through the simple act of hospitality.