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The Media business class welcomed a variety of guests in the month of September.

Leighton Broadcasting’s Digital Media Specialist Andrew Devall (13) talked about the importance of relationships and the willingness to try new things. Andrew’s initial interest centered on sports broadcasting but in addition to his play-by-play duties, he also had to set up sales sponsorships for the games.  He was surprised how some of the skills for both were linked.  

Samara Ehlke (18) shared her experiences working in the Film Industry in Los Angeles. She’s worked on the production design teams for several projects including the latest Ben Affleck/Matt Damon film, Air. Samara is currently waiting for the strike to end so that they can go back to work on the new Netflix mystery-comedy series, The Residence.

Life 101.9/Waterloo General Manager, Adam Hannan (03) discussed his career and how he tries to build a positive enjoyable work culture. He recalled being on the team that helped wired the new MEL Johnson studio 20 years ago. He says they prayed Psalm 127:1 throughout the summer of 2003 and that has served as reminder- that if you are to build anything, you need build it in the Lord, otherwise you build in vain. He added that it’s important to truly love and care for those who work with you.  Find ways to surprise and appreciate the work they do. It’s easy to find things that are wrong. Granting the freedom of mistakes, helps foster the grace of Christ in your staff and allows creativity to flourish.  At the end of class, he may have put on a Mandalorian helmet and said, “The MEL at The University of Northwestern? Yes. This is the way.”