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Wednesday, October 21, at 10:15 a.m., a dismembered torso with an arm lying next to it was spotted in public relations faculty member Wendi Marshall’s office – not exactly something expected in your professor’s office.

The torso and arm has been identified as belonging to Melvin, the newest advocate for the communication department. Oh, and yes, Melvin is a mannequin.

“I saw a dismembered torso with an arm lying next to it in University of Northwestern – St. Paul faculty member Wendi Marshall’s office.”

Amy Kyllo, Senior Public Relations major

Melvin is part of the new display the communication department has created for recruitment events, and is quickly becoming the mascot for Melvin is a stylish dresser sporting a theMEL t-shirt, a press pass, and a taped-on, cut-out “face” of Neil Stavem – 45-year veteran of Northwestern Media and himself a communication department graduate!

Melvin’s job it to draw attention to the three-panel poster highlighting the marketability of a degree in communications, radio, television, film and public relations. The edges of the poster draw the eye with pictures and job titles of former students.

If the total display is effective, the new faces around theMEL won’t belong to mannequins.