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Where has life taken you after UNW? I currently work as the Marketing and Community Engagement Director for Chick-fil-A Woodbury. I lead all of the in-store events, national, local, and regional campaigns, donations, sponsorships, mobile promotions, and so much more! It’s a full job but very rewarding and I love doing what I do!What advice do you have for current students?Take as many of the opportunities that you have to connect with people. So many jobs are built off of relationships and the best way for you to build your relationships is by connecting with the people that are around you! There is also so much wisdom on the UNW campus – take advantage of this! Professors want to have conversations with you and many of my conversations I have had in the past with professors have helped shape my view on much of what I do in my job now. There are also many influential professors who can help guide you in your faith. Your relationship with the Lord is the most important and there are so many on campus that want to help push you towards bettering this relationship. You will never have another time quite like college, and while it isn’t all that is glammed up to be, it definitely is unique in the opportunities, so make sure you take them while you can!