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People and Planet Fellowship (PPF) is “a club encouraging our community to explore, sustain, and enjoy creation through outdoor activities & environmental education” (from their Instagram). PPF is planning fun events for the springtime: a succulent planting party and a dirt-cup dessert.

President of PPF, Samantha Kothari, gives a brief look into what these events entail:

The succulent planting party will take place in late March. “We will provide thrifted mugs and tiny succulents so you can plant them in whatever mug you like! It’s a hands-on experience that can be very educational,” Kothari states. Bring a friend and add some new decor to your dorm with a new succulent. 

An array of succulents. Photo by Angele Kamp on Unsplash.

“Our Earth Day event this year will be creating your own dirt cup,” Kothari explains, “This was popular when I was a kid and I thought it would be fun to do it again!” The Earth Day event will take place at the end of April. Chocolate pudding and a variety of toppings will be provided as well as compostable cups. Come celebrate God’s creation while enjoying a tasty treat. 

The club holds monthly meetings (typically Tuesdays) in room G210 at 4 p.m. For more information follow PPF on Instagram @ppf.unw.