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With the new semester starting up, you might want to consider forming new habits. To make it easier for you, here are five applicable steps to start off the semester successfully:

  1. Change Up Study Spots
  • This may seem like a weird idea, but movement helps your brain and will aid in your studying. It is more difficult to get work done if you grow comfortable in your study spots. You could try studying in the café, level three of the library, the stud, an end lounge, Naz, or even upstairs in the Billy. 

2. Get a Planner System

  • If you do not have a planner, you are doing things poorly. Planners not only help you to not forget what you need to get done, but it helps you learn what to prioritize. If you do not have time or money to get a planner, use your printing funds to print off free online planner sheets.

3. Enjoy Sporting Events

  • It is not only important to do well in school, but to also thrive in campus life in general. Now some might argue that going to sporting events is not helpful for thriving on campus, but it is good to get out and do things that are enjoyable. This semester, try attending something on campus that is outside of your usual activities.

4. Try New Drinks in the Café

  • Did you know that the café in the Billy has several seasonal drinks? Grab your homework and try a new coffee or smoothie beverage to help make your work more enjoyable.

5. Study with a Friend

  • Getting together to study with people is a fun and effective tactic to get work done. Everyone thinks about things differently, so talking through your assignments with a friend and classmate can aid and improve your knowledge.

What will you try this semester? Good luck on this new school year!