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It’s been said that once you’ve seen one Hallmark movie, you’ve seen them all. Not so! Watch these three movies before you make your decision.

So, wrap yourself up in your fuzzy blanket, grab a bowl of popcorn and start sipping your hot cocoa knowing that the research has been done and let Hallmark take you on a magical adventure.

  1. Midnight at the Magnolia

“Midnight at the Magnolia” is a suspenseful Hallmark movie that wraps the viewer in an emotional roller coaster. Maggie and Jack fake a romance to gain popularity for their radio show in hopes of receiving national syndication.

Will the “couple” be able to keep up appearances to friends, family and the nation throughout the holiday season? No spoilers found here. Check out this super fun movie on Netflix.

#2 Christmas Wedding Planner

“Christmas Wedding Planner” will tear at your heartstrings and leave you believing in the power of love! From enemies to admirers, the “Christmas Wedding Planner” is a Hallmark thriller. Can Kelsey overcome previous opinions? Can Conner capture the heart of the girl who has stolen his? Tune in to find out!

3. A California Christmas

Looking for a fresh twist on a Christmas movie? “A California Christmas” had everyone – including the teenage boys in the room – invested.

Set in beautiful California, two unsuspecting polar opposites find love. But, will love be enough to keep them together?

Will Joseph be able to tell Callie the truth about who he is?

Can Callie overlook everything and see Joseph as the man she fell for?

These questions and more answered as the suspense unfolds.